Thursday, 14 April 2016

Maths Reflection - Term 1

1. What have been the easy parts to my maths learning this term?
The questions Miss O'B gives me have been easy.

2. What have been the challenging parts to my maths learning this term?
The strategies have been hard when doing subtraction equations like 91 take away something takes a long time to get the answer. 

3. Maths Goal - achieved, nearly achieved or still heaps to go? Why?
Nearly achieved - I don't know the name of my strategy but I know how it works. 

4. What I have achieved on Mathletics this term?
I have achieved getting the right answer most of the time. 

5. Feedback for Miss O'B, (a question I have, something that has made sense this term, something I need more help with).
To give me hard questions. 

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