Thursday, 14 April 2016

Maths Reflection - Term 1

1. What have been the easy parts to my maths learning this term?
The questions Miss O'B gives me have been easy.

2. What have been the challenging parts to my maths learning this term?
The strategies have been hard when doing subtraction equations like 91 take away something takes a long time to get the answer. 

3. Maths Goal - achieved, nearly achieved or still heaps to go? Why?
Nearly achieved - I don't know the name of my strategy but I know how it works. 

4. What I have achieved on Mathletics this term?
I have achieved getting the right answer most of the time. 

5. Feedback for Miss O'B, (a question I have, something that has made sense this term, something I need more help with).
To give me hard questions. 

Sunday, 8 November 2015


Today we were whakarewa cup I came 3rd to last  I was proud  of my self my dad ran with me first I was jogging. The people that were 4&6 rebecca came 1th, Jahnei came 2nd, lisa came 3rd. In the 1&3 ryan came 1th,keylia came 2nd, waitama came 3th. In the 7&8 jack came 1th shoren came 2nd khols came 3rd  people that came 1th 2nd  and 3rd  they got was fun be proud of your self the year 4&6 ran from tuaheru marae to school.The year in 1&3 ran from tuaheru marae to nanny sparrows we ran
along the beach to nanny moe and then when we got to her we ran up on to the road.We ran alony the beach then up to nanny moe and then we ran up to the rode the up to the school.I was a little bit crying the i ran so i can finished.     

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Room 2 Garden

OIn Room 2's class we planted really pretty flowers including tigerlillies  and also daisies of different colours which are beautiful.Our garden looks spectacular!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Term 3 Gymnastics Reflection

This term we have spent a lot of time learning different disciplines in the B Grade. Some were easier than others and some were a challenge. We needed to learn how to better control our body’s with balance and strength. Pointed toes, starting, finishing routines and impressing the judge, (cheesy smiles) were things we had to consider all of the time.

Last Friday was the gymnastics festival in Wairoa.

1. The discipline that I enjoyed the most was the beam because i really liked it. it was fun i enjoyed my time

2. The discipline that I found most challenging was the box i did really like it bet when i first did it i liked to do it

3. I am most proud of the mat because i did good with the mat and i also liked it

4. My highest score at the festival was for the beam it was the hi score.

5. Next time I would like to be in the A grade likes fun but it ant i will give it a try

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


On Friday we went to Gymnastics, It was fun. My best score was for skipping because I like skipping. My next best score was for the vault.   The best part of the day